Hello world! We are Analytics for Everyone

A4Everyone stands for analytics is for everyone. It is what we believe in our team and our mission is to bring the benefits of data science to small and medium sized businesses.

Everyone might get leverage from accurate sales predictions. Because it is giving the ability to know what, when and how many to fill your storehouse with. And it is not only this. Business optimization of any kind become possible if it`s based on knowledge extracted from historical data of this very business.

Projecting any business KPIs, based on mathematical modelling, empower entrepreneurs to be more efficient by getting access to in-depth analytics insights. It doesn’t matter if we talk about sales, staff performance or inventory management.

But if you want to benefit from data analytics, you should be prepared with a lot of money. It is a fact that such advanced and complicated services are so expensive that they are way beyond their financial abilities. A4Everyone is aiming to create fast, easy to use and more important – affordable analytics service that benefits from small retailers to medium sized wholesalers.

But the most important benefit of data analytics is not just the KPIs prediction but defining upcoming trends. People are changing their preferences and businesses should be prepared of this.

So, this is what we are all about. You might like to try for free some of our applications – a4CoffeeShop, a4Retailer, a4Wholesaler, and a4Furniture. Provide us with historical sales data for 50 of your items or products and you`ll get in return free 7-day forecast.

Because A4Everyone is simply a smarter way to run your business.

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