Bulgaria is flexing muscles at the data analytics stage

Data analytics is hot all around the world and Bulgaria is not exclusion. The small European country has its data analytics scene and it becomes more and more crowded with a bunch of interesting companies dedicated to big data and analytics insights.

This is because the excellent mathematical, statistical and programming education you can find here, states the chief scientist of A4Everyone Alexander Efremov, Assoc. Prof at TU – Sofia. During the past years different graduate, postgraduate courses, and new M.Sc. programs were created in Data Science area, which provides a strong foundation and facilitates the transition from university to business.

Sergi Sergiev from Data Science Society in Bulgaria adds that currently in Bulgaria you can find Master programs in A.I., Data Science, etc. They upgrade the basic data skills into deep expertise in data analytics. Sergiev also adds that Bulgaria has top-level data scientists like Prof. Galia Angelova, head of the Department of Linguistic Modelling and Knowledge Processing at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Kiril Simov, Assoc. Prof at Linguistic Modelling Department at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Such position empowered numerous local entrepreneurs to give their best in order to solve real-life business problems through data analytics. Since A4Everyone is part of this community we are happy to share our perspective of what is hot and interesting at a local level.



Turning data into money is the slogan of this Bulgarian data analytics company. Their focus is on gamification as a tool to increase loyalty and retention. 11235 also offers analytical CRM with built-in mathematical models enabling to forecast trends for future customers` behavior.  The company is also offering data analytics services aiming to increase the profits of their users.


The team behind this Bulgarian startup believes that small and medium enterprises should benefit from data analytics at a reasonable price. A4Everyone is offering sales forecasting and demand prediction applications able to increase the efficiency of any business through its historical data. Applications dedicated to restaurants, coffee shops, wholesalers, retailers and furniture stores are already deployed.



Analytics Bulgaria is way beyond its starting days and it is the main focus is on BI & BA, fraud, and risk management. This enterprise has tailor made solutions for telco, bank and insurance sectors. Analytics Bulgaria has an office not just in Sofia but in the Austrian capital too.



This Bulgarian company is turning data into meanings. Commetric is a media monitoring tool with real-time alerts, analytics, and influencer network analysis. It is suitable for PR & Communication professionals, Brand Managers, Digital Marketers and Market Researchers. Commetric tool looks great and is used by companies and NGOs like Coca Cola, Pfizer, HSBC, Verizon, Electrolux and Amnesty International.



This is a data-driven startup founded by few employees of SoundCloud. Hyperscience successfully closed a couple of investment rounds with $10.88M funding and has offices in Sofia and New York. They build an automated database that is easy to use and requires no data science, statistic or distributed computing expertise. It is self-configuring, self-tuning and self-healing as well as it scales horizontally and supports real-time queries. Sounds pretty promising!



Yet another Bulgarian startup strongly relying on data automation. Imagga is offering image recognition platform saving time & money if you have to work with huge amount of images. Their image recognition engine gets smarter thanks to its users because the algorithms are adaptable.



Text mining is the engine behind the Majio service which scans text from CV applications in order to give automated profiling and to match applicants` skills and job openings. It is a powerful tool to enhance recruiters output.



This company states it was founded to end the high cost and complexity of enterprise Data Warehousing and BI. Their relational data base offering is created to be fast, scalable, SQL-native, cloud-ready and affordable. It is also capable of being linked with any reporting tool in order to be a core of any businesses data warehouse.



Another data analytics startup company focused on e-commerce business. Metrilo says their solution eliminates the need of data analyst for online retailers via customer intelligence, real-time analytics, and email marketing solution focused on retention. Metrilo is backed by both local and international investors and their tool is compatible with Magento, Shopify and Woocommerce.



This company is focused on humanizing technologies and works on establishing links between data science and natural interfaces leading to insights. Its expertise is in natural human language, semantic technologies, and Artificial Intellect. Mozajka is working within following business verticals: Smart Cities, Earth Observation, Business Information, HR Management, and Cultural Heritage.



Financial Times already rely on semantic technology solutions build by Bulgarian company Ontotext. Their approach is to combine semantic graph database with text mining in order to achieve smarter information retrieval and content management. Ontotext is part of Sirma Group Holding, listed at Bulgarian Stock Exchange.



The guys from Perpetto are offering e-commerce predictive recommendation and 1:1 email automation tool in order to increase both revenue and retention for Magento 1 & 2, Opencart and custom online shops. It is well known that recommendations are based on machine learning techniques and their value is crucial for optimal online store performance. In addition to this, Perpetto is offering a revenue-oriented analytics dashboard.



Prof.ai is one of the Bulgarian data analytics startups backed with funding from local investors. This new enterprise relies on text mining and natural language processing in order to find social media users with purchase intention for a car. Prof.ai service utilizes content, not pages liked by a particular user. Right now Prof.ai works in partnership with numerous automotive dealers in the USA in order to establish their business.



Think of it as a Google Analytics for retail merchants. ShopUp is Bulgarian data analytics startup with a solution analyzing in-store physical customer traffic based on their smartphones. They already have verified proof of concept delivering real-time user behavior analytics and currently, ShopUp is signing contracts with their first retail clients – Mr. Bricolage and Debenhams. This enterprise is a winner of SAP Startup Challenge for CEE and partners with SAP and Amazon.



This Bulgarian startup is delivering big data predictions for cargo transportation operators. Their solution minimizes unused shipping capacity in order to improve the efficiency of cargo transportation companies. Transmetrics` solution is already used by big companies including DHL and they recently closed their 5th round of financing.

Yatrus Analytics


The main goal in front of Yatrus is to turn big data into actionable intelligence. Their focus is put on 4 main business verticals – Capital Markets, where they help investors to receive earliest possible signal for a market moving event. News Outlets also might benefit from Yatrus` solution via web and social mining in order to extract information from more than 1bn people around the world who act as live reporters. Other possible clients are governments and marketers.

Experian LLC

Even though it is a global company which is among the leaders in analytical tools provision, Experian has operations in Bulgaria. About a fifth of the whole analytical capacity of this Fortune 500 company is located in Sofia, Bulgaria.


The companies listed here are ordered in alphabetical order. This list doesn’t pretend to be full, representative or completed. If you have something to add, do not hesitate to drop us a line at office [at] a4everyone.com.

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