6 unexpected data analytics applications

Unsurprisingly, at A4E we are huge fans of all things data analytics. Data is all around and with a scientific approach you can extract a lot of insights that might be applied into real life decisions. And it is not just business. From science to public life, data analytics has pretty unexpected applications. Here are few of the most interesting fields of life where you can find its imprint.


Do you know that CIA and NSA, the top notch security USA agencies are funding some data analytics startups. Do you know why? We don’t know either but our guess can’t be that much into the dark. On top of this, intelligence services all over the world use data analytics to track suspicious connections and sinister actors.


The “House of Cards” story is pretty popular and we have already shared a line or two on this topic at A4E`s blog. It seems that Netflix relied on data analytics to pick both leading actor and director of the series. But it is not just Netflix which dip into the data-driven world. Major Hollywood studios rely on data analytics to lead their script doctors in order to create movie stories with blockbuster potential.


We have already discussed the recommendations we receive at platforms like Spotify and Last.fm which are a product of data analytics. They rely on proper data preparation /tagging by artist, genre, vocals, decade, etc./ and useful output. But there is a lot more, like remixing for instance. Right now is possible to get a remix of any song by analytical algorithm. Sophisticated tools for mixing songs into a whole set also rely on analytics in order to give us their best offering for perfect spots for fade in and fade out. Not to mention that music labels are applying data analytics to social channels to head hunt future music stars.


Gaming fans are among the most loyal users and data analytics is contributing by exploring the data trials every gamer leave after every playing session. The insights are not just used in terms of increasing in-game sales of virtual goods but also in engagement boosting. Analytics makes possible to predict peaks in game usage which makes you prepared with improved capacity, scalability and prevent overload.


We already have created a dedicated sports analytics blog post and you should give it a couple of minutes if you are a sports fan. On top of it, we will add that some of the European soccer teams had equipped their players` clothing with IoT sensors in order to track real-time data for their heartbeat rate, field positioning, etc.


Developing and testing new molecule effective and yet devoid of side effects is pretty time consuming, complicated and expensive process. This is where data analytics come to help. Thanks to dedicated algorithms, researchers are alerted at way earlier stage if their molecule is credible for further testing or the effort should be dropped out because lack of potential.

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