A4E in 2016: Year in Review

It is that time of year when you are sitting comfortably down, surrounded by family and friends, enjoying some nice wine, and think what you did, what you couldn’t, and what you are going to do in 2017. Just like us at A4E.

We started our startup

We don’t know if you know but starting a startup is not a fast small piece of work, especially when you have negotiations with investors. We managed to get together our first investors which gave us the ability to start A4E`s journey in a world full of data. Thank you Eleven and Impetus Capital.

We were ready with our first data analytics apps in just 2 months

Sales forecasting apps made simple and affordable to use for small and medium enterprises. This project was done in just a couple of months including their customization for different business verticals as coffee shops, restaurants, wholesalers, retailers and furniture stores. You can try them out for free right here.

We on-boarded our first clients

We don’t know if you know but startups are extremely fragile when they make their very first steps. Since we are not serial entrepreneurs that mean to work outside of our comfort zones very often. In addition to this, the resources are limited so the picture can be really messy. Well, we manage to validate the value we create to SMEs in just a few months.

We started Data Talk & Beer series of events

We felt that we should gather the local Data Science Community to say hi and to discuss all things data, so we hosted our first Data Talk & Beer. There was some great beer, a room full of data scientists and unsurprisingly – short presentation of our own.

We shared knowledge

We were part of exciting projects and events contributing to the society we live in. Alexander Efremov, Ph.D. – cofounder and chief scientist at A4E mentored Data Mining Workshop held within HackConf Bulgaria to share his own insights on multivariable dynamic models development applied in demand forecasting. Our CEO and co-founder Hristo Hadjitchonev was part of a retail conference where he explained in detail why nobody knows a business better than its owner and its data. The audience consisted of retail experts was keen to know more on how data analytics is capable of preventing frauds.  He emphasized the fact that quite often behind frauds are hidden completely different business questions.

We moved to a new office

The A4E team moved from an open space shared with the rest of the Eleven accelerator fund startups to a dedicated space. You are always welcome at our new place if you give us a notice of any kind. It wouldn’t be hard to find us since we are still located at Sofia Tech Park, Incubator building, floor 1.

Stay tuned! A lot more has to come!

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