Google Data Studio Now Available for (Almost) Everyone

Google just surprised the data savvy community by withdrawing the limitation of 5 reports created within the free trial in their Data Studio product. The change was announced by Nick Mihailovski, product manager for Google Data Studio, in a recent blog post and via the official Google Analytics Twitter account.

Launched less than a year ago, Google Data Studio is positioned as data visualization tool for dashboard and report purposes. It is seamlessly integrated with other Google instruments like Google Analytics, YouTube, AdWords and last but not least with MySQL data. Up to date, the free version of Google Data Studio was limited up to 5 reports per account. This particular limitation just fell off.

Now Google Data Studio is available as beautiful data visualization tool for free and with unlimited reports output. The enterprise version is still available by adding premium features like up to 200 owners who can edit and manage the reports, whereas the free version only permits single account ownership. On top of this, the enterprise version offers full customer support.

In the abovementioned blog post by the Google executive Mihalkovski is teasing the users with new product features which will “help you fully leverage all data across the organization and to ultimately make better decisions.”

What is the impact of this particular Google policy?

Such change is displaying the eager at Google to keep their users within the Google apps ecosystem and away from their competitors, like Microsoft BI. It will also push famed data visualization solutions like Tableau to run harder for their money since there is similar product available for free.

When can you use it?

Currently, the feature is unlocked only for the US-based Google accounts. We don’t know if and when the rest of the world will be able to benefit from it. Well, the digital environment we are living in is full of tools solving this particular issue.

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