When the Algorithms Turned Out to be Designers

If you planned a trip of any kind in Hamburg there is a must stop location. This is a brand new concert hall, the Elbphilharmonie or Elphi as the locals calls it. For sure, this building will become part of Germany`s top examples of modern architecture. It is beautiful and full of surprises like the Escher-like stairways and the curvy elevator. The most interesting of them is the auditorium, the largest of the three concert halls in Elbphilharmonie which is designed like a coral reef. It looks almost organically and we say almost because it is perfectly symmetrical.

This is what the outcome of parametric design looks like. The parametric design relies on algorithms to create particular forms. The concert hall in Hamburg utilizes algorithms to design each piece of acoustic panels to achieve the best possible acoustic. This way, form, function, and aesthetics are combined and implemented in a beautiful yet technological achievement.

Interestingly, the Elbphilharmonie is not the first object designed by the help of algorithms. Just take a look at the modern concept cars and you`ll find a few exuding ultimate modernism through their graphic and surface design. Raymundo Burgueno explains in a recent Formtrends blog post revealing brief tutorial on how to achieve such outstanding design. He points that it can be done with Rhino with Grasshopper software, which is giving the ability to program every aspect of design modeling process. This can be done by simple controlling each data set enabling changes based on parameters such as distance or space.

algorithm design bmw

Burgueno outlined concept cars like the BMW Vision Next 100, Chrysler Portal and Renault Trezor like perfect examples for made by algorithms designs within the automotive industry. Specific shapes and textures are fueled by data strings and algorithms. He also is sharing few interesting tips & hints as well as few interesting freebies.

The designer comments of learning how to write algorithms are pretty interesting. Raymundo is confessing that this is the hardest part if you`ve never programmed before. “Understanding data management was one of the most difficult concepts for me to learn”, says Burgueno. And is sharing data-driven 3D printed sculpture of Marilyn Monroe perfectly showing that such an effort is totally worthy.

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