6 real-life use cases of restaurants data analytics

It is a common conception that data analytics is the next big thing for many of industries. Restaurants are no exception and this is visible. This blogpost is not aimed at pointing the benefits of restaurants sales forecasting, a tedious task we`ve already created a solution for. Nor to highlight what is restaurant data analytics all about. Our goal today is to share with you real-life use cases for data analytics. Restaurant owners & management teams – just take a look and pick some really nice restaurants data analytics ideas!

Levy`s Restaurants

This brand invented the concept of fine dining in sports stadiums and arenas. They have operations at 45 sports locations in USA, Canada & Europe. Levy`s Restaurants uses data analytics to better understand the correlation between sporting events and food and beverage purchases. The company analyzed food trends in Portland, Ore., to create highly successful location near the Trailblazers` arena.


This company is utilizing data analytics to gain insights on customers’ perception of new products. This is so called data-driven business decision making which in the end of the business day leads to improved customer experience resulting in improved sales volumes.


If you have the phone number of the local Domino`s pizza delivery on a speed dial you’ve already received some nice compliment like extra sauce, beverage or else. It is always a nice touch and this is obvious. What isn’t is how Domino`s makes this decision. The worldwide pizza brand leverages customer segmentation data to create upselling and loyalty strategies to increase profits.

Fig & Olive

This is a 7-locations chain of New York restaurants. Fig & Olive crossed their POS /point of sale/ data with the output of their guest-management software. This way they were able to create nice and extremely effective “Miss You” e-mail marketing campaign promising free crostini to guests who hadn`t dined there in 30 days. The result was 300 campaign-driven visits estimated more than $36,000 in sales.

Order Confirmation Boards

Quick and correct service in drive-thru restaurants is crucial for their business. 20 years ago the correct order delivery was an issue since you`re talking to a voice box. Then, the industry best was 86.7% correct orders and the average was way below. Data analytics examination pointed out that increasing this percent will lead to increased loyalty and customer satisfaction. This is how order confirmation boards were born. After you shout out your order, you can check if it was correctly processed and to intervene if needed.

drive thru analytics


Using big data, this fast food chain was able not just to improve service speed in their drive-thru locations but also to upsell successfully. Utilizing dynamic digital menu boards, McDonald’s shows simple and less time-consuming items if there is a big queue. If the workload is not this big, the company digital menu board is emphasizing on more complicated, yet expensive menu items.

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