Efficiency boosting webinar for pastries, cake shops & bakeries

At A4E we are strong believers that data analytics is capable of bringing improved business efficiency in any industry or sector including the smallest one. That is why we created a webinar dedicated to pastries and bakeries in order to help them limit waste and boost sales at the same time. This way we shared useful insights on how to achieve meticulous planning balancing perfectly between supply, demand, production time and shelf life.

“How weather and holidays affect sales in bakery and pastry businesses” is a webinar based on our experience with such enterprise. You`ll be able to find following insights that have the potential for  instantly boosting business performance:

  • improved planning
  • limiting waste to a healthy level
  • maximization sales opportunities
  • your ability to face demand peaks
  • how to improve marketing/advertising efficiency

Based on a real-life case study, this webinar is delivering not just interesting insights but some shortcuts too.

A4Bakeries Light

FREE and self-service tool based on MS Excel® designed for waste reduction in cake shops and bakeries. Powered by statistical modeling approach embedded within an Excel workbook and available for immediate download after registration.

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Inventory management tool designed for ultimate profit optimization and waste reduction in pastry shops and bakeries. Powered by sophisticated data analytics algorithms, supercharged with holidays, birthdays, and weather data.

The application:

  • Allows specification of items to be sold by the piece.
  • Can be used for multi-day forecasting as well as intra-day distribution targeting.
  • Uses additional data sources to improve forecasts accuracy: location specific holidays, birthdays, and weather forecasts.

Requirements: 18 months of historical sales data (36 months recommended).

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