6 AI & Data Analytics Trends To Keep An Eye On For 2020

It is questionable if with January 1st, 2020 a new decade is starting but it is undoubtedly what are the hottest trends in AI & Data Analytics. Hristo Hadjitchonev, CEO of A4Everyone is sharing his own Top 6 for 2020. Just take a look and do not hesitate to use the comment form if you think he might have missed something interesting.

Data Science Automation

Automating the work of professionals creating automation solutions sounds quite natural, isn’t it? Even though Data Science is on the rise for the past few years, a lot of manual work is indeed required. Almost every step of Data Science pipeline has been or will be automated within the foreseeable future. Starting with sorting & cleaning data, visualization, and exploration, and last but not least the actual data modeling.

Business Processes Automation

Business processes automation is already a fact in a wide range of industries and it has a leading position in some of them. This trend will rise to higher levels in 2020 especially in immature markets. We will see the automation of even more complex systems and the autonomous vehicles are among the most popular with the general public but we feel that we are going to see automation growth in robotics and on a later stage within the public sector as well.


IoT is yesterday news but we are going to see more and more businesses directly interested in creating new opportunities. We have not seen all that IoT is capable of and we are about to see a change in the way we experience connectivity, which will be the foundation of new data streams and sets. In a nutshell, IoT will continue to integrate anywhere at a significant speed.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is going to replace more and more virtual ones. It will increasingly penetrate mobile devices and this will most likely prevent the transformation of VR sets into mass technology, which will likely make them obsolete. However, marketing and advertising businesses will come up in 2020 with exciting reality-based solutions.

Hybrid Clouds

In the medium to large businesses, hybrid clouds will become the standard and small businesses will gradually start to use more and more cloud services. This will bring flexibility as well as the ability to respond quickly and effectively to a rapidly changing environment. In 2020, we are sure to see growth in hybrid and multi-cloud business solutions.

Reinforcement Learning & Neural Networks

Reinforcement learning is not an extremely popular tool right now but we expect it to change in the very near future since its capabilities are astonishing. This kind of system requires more sophisticated algorithms and the experience in this direction is yet to be built but we think we are going to hear more and more about this technology. Neural networks already have new architectures as well as promising results in overcoming the key problem of contaminated data, so in 2020 we will see visible progress.

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