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Observations, thoughts and knowledge generated by our experience in big data and predictive analytics industries.

Chatbots Powered by A.I.

The first contribution of an artificial intellect, known today as A.I. is the hacking of Enigma coding machine. The story of Alan Turing was intriguingly impersonated by Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game drama movie. It is acknowledged that Turing`s success with creating an algorithm and machine that managed to break the Enigma code has saved millions of lives during the WWII.

Big Data Analytics Fails

The modern business world is on hype about data analytics and there is a reason. Digging deep into historical data strings is a way to valuable insights that might generate new revenue streams to boost efficiency and to discover improved ways of doing things. Does this mean data analytics cannot fail? Of course not.

In this blog post, we are highlighting 5 different cases where data analytics failed one or another way. Not matter it was because of wrong presumption, bad execution, missing variables or wrong numbers – the results were at least surprising and definitely not nice.

How web mining is helping e-commerce to be more successful

Web mining is the process within you are extracting insightful information from World Wide Web. It is possible at different scales and for different purposes. In general, web mining is the term used for data mining application within online collected information. Such technical achievement gives businesses pretty interesting opportunities for the e-commerce businesses and online entrepreneurs.

It is not a secret that there is a staggering amount of information located on the Internet. The annual internet traffic is rated as a 1 zettabyte per year. If you ever have wondered how much data is that, just imagine a cup of coffee on your desk is equal to 1 gigabyte. A zettabyte is the volume of the Great Wall of China.

6 key benefits of predictive data analytics

Data analytics has huge potential to predict and forecast future performance and this is already proven in big companies full of historical data. With the declining cost of computation, the mathematical wizardry of predictive data analytics is already at arm`s length for small and medium enterprises lacking the resources of the big players.

6 unexpected data analytics applications

Unsurprisingly, at A4E we are huge fans of all things data analytics. Data is all around and with a scientific approach you can extract a lot of insights that might be applied into real life decisions. And it is not just business. From science to public life, data analytics has pretty unexpected applications. Here are few of the most interesting fields of life where you can find its imprint.

Fully automated data mining. Possible or not?

Now-a-days huge amount of rough data is available. At the same time many businesses need of fast (real-time) decisions in order to survive and grow in the dynamic competitive environment.

To manage in time with such large dimensional problems automated (without human intervention) analytical solutions are needed. In many cases, like the two examples below, the data mining task and a subsequent decision making should be run as an automated workflow.

Data analytics and elections. Is there a match?

It is not just the White House elections this fall, polls are held (almost) all over the world, anytime. Since we are living in a connected environment more than ever, there is a lot of data that might be useful for election campaigners, politics, parties and last but not least – general audience.

In this blog post, our A4Everyone` team is sharing its point of view on data analytics application in elections campaigns.