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What data analytics, Banksy and Massive Attack has in common?

It is not possible to live in the digital era with all the social media and to be unfamiliar with Banksy`s art. He is a graffiti artist with really impactful visuals touching political issues and the problems of our times as no one before. And his identity is still a mystery.

Mathematicians from the Queen Mary University of London analyzed 192 pieces created by the infamous street artist in London and Bristol via geographical profiling. They managed to point an address in Bristol, a pub, and few other addresses in London. The data scientists said that there is a high probability that Banksy lives or has lived there.

Data analytics and elections. Is there a match?

It is not just the White House elections this fall, polls are held (almost) all over the world, anytime. Since we are living in a connected environment more than ever, there is a lot of data that might be useful for election campaigners, politics, parties and last but not least – general audience.

In this blog post, our A4Everyone` team is sharing its point of view on data analytics application in elections campaigns.

10 great data & analytics quotes

We love data analytics as well as great quotes. So let’s mix them up with thought provoking wisdom shared by extremely bright minds.

We picked these 10 lovely pieces of intellectual perfection because at A4Everyone we believe that any business might be supercharged with data analytics. Not matter we are talking about sales forecast, product portfolio optimization, inventory management, staff ranking or any other business process, adding value to data is easy. That’s why we are enabling coffee shops, furniture stores, restaurants, retailers and wholesalers to benefit from our data analytics apps.

Actionable data analytics: Multichannel marketing strategy optimization

Volume retailers have something in common. A huge amount of data in a couple of directions – customers and products. They are the key foundations of marketing strategy optimization when you have to launch a new product, bundle or a promotion.

Is there a way to maximize multichannel marketing efforts?

Actionable data analytics is doing exactly this. Through different data techniques and approaches, there is an opportunity to extract the maximum. Such optimization is not just possible, it’s a must.

Analyze this: 5 bizarre correlations

Big part of the data analytics scientists is to find data correlations. By establishing links between events you can be aware of their triggers in order to get access to better decision making.

Yes, correlations are the key concept in the data analytics but we know correlation doesn’t imply causation. Having this in mind, the Purdue University in Indianapolis held “Spurious Correlations” contest among students and scientists from all over the world. The entries were extremely bizarre and funny like the correlation between ministers` salaries and the price of vodka or the amount of ice-cream sold and deaths by drownings. The winner of that very contest discovered the correlation between the number of storks sighted and the population of Oldenburg Germany. Funny enough, Ron Malzer – the author of the winning entry somehow managed to explain his correlation with the highest rate of adults reading Immanuel Kant in Oldenburg.

Why data analytics is crucial for fashion & apparel manufacturers and retailers

Regardless of its size, any fashion or apparel manufacturer is confronted with challenges related to predicting the future.

Unlike the big brands that manage to create and impose trends, smaller players try to foresee what will be the forthcoming changes in consumer tastes. Trends might arise even from occasional events, take for instance Converse sneakers which became a big hit after rock bands like The Ramones wore them onstage on their gigs at the late 70s and early 80s.

Apparel manufacturers often can do nothing but to follow and adapt according to trends. Discussing fashion and apparel, such shifts affects everything – size, color, shape, fabric, price, etc. are a piece of the equation for success or fail.

5 benefits of predictive analytics in e-commerce

Visits, visitors, events, conversions, orders, time on site, page views, subscribers, average order value, etc. are just a fraction of the e-commerce KPIs and metrics that every online retailer should keep an eye on. All these pieces of data are just the perfect fit for predictive analytics and sales forecasting.

Its huge amount of data which might be modeled in order to project future demand and overall e-commerce performance. This is leading to crucial benefits pushing online retailers further in terms of effectiveness, profitability, and performance.