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5 Benefits of Predictive Analytics Applied in Wholesale Business

Wholesale distribution business is generating a great amount of data which is including at least thousands of products, quantities, pricing, customers, and inventory, just name it. This simple fact makes them really suitable for data analytics modeling in order to solve specific business problems or to gain efficiency within already existing processes. In this blog post, we are highlighting just 5 of the potential benefits that a wholesale business is capable of extracting from modern days data analytics.

Predictive Maintenance and Data Analytics

Data analytics has a lot of useful applications and predictive maintenance is one of them. Its achievements are ensuring maximum availability of machines while guaranteeing the production quality. It is important, especially in some industries where the downtime is among the costliest risks of all potential threats. Data analytics is capable of creating machine-learning models trained by real-time data flow that predicts when, where and why a particular machine will fail.